PD11–Tunable Polarization Splitter Based on Asymmetric Dual-core Liquid Photonic Crystal Fiber

An asymmetric dual core photonic crystal fiber (ADC-PCF) tunable polarization splitter is reported and analyzed. The left core of the DC-PCF is infiltrated with nematic liquid crystal (NLC) material to control the wavelength at which coupling occurs between the dual cores of the proposed structure. Moreover, the suggested design can be tuned to split out the x and y-polarized modes by rotating the NLC molecules by rotating the NLC molecules through an external electric field. Additionally, the wavelength at which the coupling between the two cores occur can also be tuned by changing the temperature of the NLC material. The geometrical parameters of the reported splitter are studied by full vectorial finite difference method (FVFDM) via Lumerical software package to achieve high wavelength selectivity with an average device length of 602 µm at λ=1.3 μm. Therefore, the suggested design can be a good candidate for the integrated photonic devices.

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