Hameed M. F. O.

Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics Engineering Program, Zewail City of Science and Technology, Giza, Egypt; Centre for Photonics and Smart Materials, Zewail City of Science and Technology, Giza, Egypt; Mathematics and Engineering Physics Department, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt


NM10–Highly Sensitive Photonic Crystal Gamma Ray Dosimeter

Ibrahim M. S. S., Hameed M. F. O., Hamed M. K. G., El-Okr M. M., Obayya S. S. A.

Highly sensitive 2D Si photonic crystal (PhC) sensor is proposed and analyzed for the detection of gamma-ray doses in the visible light region. The suggested PhC has a cavity infiltrated by poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) polymer doped with crystal violet and carbol fuchsine dyes. The geometrical parameters of the design are studied to maximize the sensor […]

PD11–Tunable Polarization Splitter Based on Asymmetric Dual-core Liquid Photonic Crystal Fiber

Younis B. M., Hameed M. F. O., Obayya S. S. A.

An asymmetric dual core photonic crystal fiber (ADC-PCF) tunable polarization splitter is reported and analyzed. The left core of the DC-PCF is infiltrated with nematic liquid crystal (NLC) material to control the wavelength at which coupling occurs between the dual cores of the proposed structure. Moreover, the suggested design can be tuned to split out […]