Novel Materials and Devices8 Videos

NM11–Numerical Investigation of a Plasmonic Biosensor on Flexible Substrate

Sadik F., Choudhury S.

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based sensors are state of the art in bio-sensing. Here we numerically inspect a device that can induce SPR on the opposite side of planar metal films. The evanescent field of SPR can detect wide of refractive index with linear sensitivity. This device modeled on bendable PDMS substrate can launch SPR […]

NM10–Highly Sensitive Photonic Crystal Gamma Ray Dosimeter

Ibrahim M. S. S., Hameed M. F. O., Hamed M. K. G., El-Okr M. M., Obayya S. S. A.

Highly sensitive 2D Si photonic crystal (PhC) sensor is proposed and analyzed for the detection of gamma-ray doses in the visible light region. The suggested PhC has a cavity infiltrated by poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) polymer doped with crystal violet and carbol fuchsine dyes. The geometrical parameters of the design are studied to maximize the sensor […]

NM09–A fiber optic probe for thermal therapy

Hernández-Arenas A., Pimentel-Domínguez R., Vélez-Cordero J. R., Hernández-Cordero J.

We demonstrate a novel fiber optic device for controlled generation of photothermal effects. The fiber probe is pumped by a laser diode and incorporates polymer composites allowing to generate highly localized heat and obtain temperature measurements simultaneously. We analyze the temperature field in the vicinity of the device through computer simulations and these are validated […]

NM01–Ferrimagnetic garnets for integrated non-reciprocal devices

Veis M., Beran L., Tazlaru S., Fakhrul T., Zhang Yan, Ross C. A.

Ferrimagnetic garnets are promising materials for applications in integrated non-reciprocal devices due to their low optical absorption and relatively large magneto-optical response at telecommunication wavelengths. However, their implementation into phonotic chips is rather difficult due to large lattice parameters and thermal expansion mismatch with common photonic substrates. In this talk, we present our latest progress […]

NM05–Simulation of electro optic modulators based on plasmonic directional couplers

Ghomashi M., Tibaldi A., Bertazzi F., Vallone M., Goano M., Ghione G.

In this paper, a new concept and geometry are proposed for plasmonic modulators, whose operation is based on the coupling between two plasmonic slots. An electro-optic polymer is exploited as an active material, and the device can be implemented within a Silicon Photonics platform. The device operates at 1550nm wavelength, typical of data center or […]

NM04–Atomistic analysis of band-to-band tunnelling in direct-gap GeSn group-IV alloys

Dunne M. D., Broderick C. A., Luisier M., O’Reilly E. P.

The emergence of a direct band gap in Ge1-xSnx alloys has stimulated interest in developing Ge1-xSnx alloys and nanostructures for applications in Si-compatible electronic and photonic devices. The direct band gap of Ge1-xSnx, combined with the strong band gap reduction associated with Sn incorporation, makes Ge1-xSnx a promising material system for the development of Si-compatible […]

NM03–Electronic and Optical Properties of Hydrogen-Terminated Diamond Doped by Molybdenum Oxide: A Density Functional Theory Study

McGhee J., Georgiev V. P.

In this work we investigate the surface transfer doping process induced between a hydrogen-terminated (100) diamond and a metal oxide MoO3, using the Density Functional Theory (DFT) method. Using DFT, we have calculated the electronic and optical properties of the hydrogen-terminated diamond and established a link between the underlying electronic structure and the charge transfer […]

NM02–Electronic structure of lonsdaleite SiGe alloys

Broderick C. A.

Conventional diamond-structured silicon (Si) and germanium (Ge) possess indirect fundamental band gaps, limiting their potential for applications in light-emitting devices. However, SixGe1-x alloys grown in the lonsdaleite (“hexagonal diamond”) phase have recently emerged as a promising direct gap, Si-compatible material system, with experimental measurements demonstrating strong room temperature photoluminescence. When grown in the lonsdaleite phase, […]